Package Place

A free package tracking API to get the latest status of your packages.


Responses are keyed by the package carrier key. If multiple carriers resolve the tracking number, then multiple keys will be included.

$ curl | json_pp
   "FEDEX" : [
         "location" : "NEW YORK CITY, NY",
         "timestamp" : "2020-06-05T14:24:00+00:00",
         "status" : "Delivered"
         "status" : "On FedEx vehicle for delivery",
         "timestamp" : "2020-06-05T12:35:00+00:00",
         "location" : "NEW YORK, NY"
         "status" : "At local FedEx facility",
         "location" : "NEW YORK, NY",
         "timestamp" : "2020-06-05T12:24:00+00:00"

Available carriers (with key):

If available, location can be structured. The array of tracking events uses the types:

interface Location {
  city: string;
  state: string;
  postalCode: string;
  country: string;

interface TrackingEvent {
  timestamp: string;  // ISO8601 timestamp, may not include time zone if not available.
  status: string;
  location: Location | string;